June 27 | Realistic Future of Transport Innovation Summit

Published June 6, 2024

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The Realistic Future of Transport Innovation Summit, hosted by Innovate Australia, is an essential event focused on practical and sustainable transport solutions. This summit brings together transport experts, environmental scientists, and policymakers to discuss current and future innovations in mobility, emphasising realistic strategies over hype.

The summit will explore practical solutions already making a difference, such as advancements in electric vehicles, improvements in public transport, and infrastructure developments. Participants will also delve into emerging technologies that hold promise for the future, ensuring discussions remain grounded in reality.

The event aims to drive the transport industry towards more sustainable practices by focusing on real-world case studies and proven strategies. Innovate Australia is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and operational efficiency in the transport sector through this initiative. This summit is a critical platform for fostering collaboration and innovation, ensuring transport solutions are practical, effective, and geared towards a sustainable future.


Our MC/Moderator:

Stephen Carroll, Founder & CEO, The Unleashed Zoneal

Stephen Carroll is the Founder & CEO of The Unleashed Zone and a director of Innovate Australia. With over 20 years of experience in innovation, he has assisted thousands of businesses across various industries, from startups to multinational corporations, including those focused on transportation and mobility solutions. A registered R&D Tax Agent, Stephen has been an R&D Tax Partner and Director at several of Australia’s largest accounting firms. He founded a startup to educate people on the Innovation Journey and another to help companies with R&D tax and grant funding. He is Chair of the WA Innovation Vouchers program, a judge for WA Innovator of the Year, and an Ambassador for Women in Technology WA.

Our Presenters:

Peter Damen, the Chief Executive Officer of Level 5 Design

Peter Damen, the Chief Executive Officer of Level 5 Design, is a recognised expert in emerging transport technologies and infrastructure planning. With over 25 years of experience, Peter has played pivotal roles in major transport projects both in Australia and internationally. As the Managing Director of Level 5 Design, he leads initiatives to enhance transport technology and infrastructure outcomes nationwide. Peter is also the Program Director at the Sustainability Waste Alliance, focusing on innovative resource management practices. His commitment extends to his roles as Chairman of Innovate Australia and an Executive Director at the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association, where he champions the advancement of Australia’s transport sector.

Cam Dumesny, Chief Executive Officer at Western Roads Federation

Cam Dumesny is the CEO of the Western Roads Federation, representing WA road transport users and promoting improved productivity and safety. A graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon, Cam served 18 years in logistics with the Australian, British, and US Armies. He holds a BA from UNSW and postgraduate degrees in Technology Management and Marketing, plus a master’s in Predictive Modelling. With senior executive roles in transport, logistics, and technology, Cam has extensive experience developing strategies for transport infrastructure assets. He has guest lectured on supply chain issues at leading Australian universities, making him a key contributor to the Realistic Future of Transport Innovation Summit.

Dr. Pouran N. Hudson is a Project Manager and Research Fellow at Curtin University

Dr Pouran N. Hudson is a Project Manager and Research Fellow at Curtin University. She manages a collaborative project with government and industry partners to perform techno-economic analyses and pilot hydrogen-fuelled heavy-duty vehicles in WA through the Future Energy Exports CRC. Dr Hudson holds a Ph.D. and B.Sc. (Hon I) in physics from the University of Sydney. With over 15 years of experience, she specialises in advanced instrumentation techniques, including high-energy radiation detectors, data analysis, and materials. Dr Hudson has served as vice chair and is currently a committee member of the Australian Institute of Physics, and the Hydrogen Society of Australia. She is committed to advancing sustainable transport solutions and scientific innovation.

Mahmood Hussein is the Founder & Group CEO of Global Drone Solutions

Mahmood Hussein is the Founder & Group CEO of Global Drone Solutions, Global Energy Learning Solutions, and Industrial Metaverse. With a passion for transforming industries through innovative training solutions, Mahmood specializes in commercial drone pilot training and services. His companies provide CASA-approved training and address business and safety challenges across sectors such as mining, oil & gas, energy, construction, and telecommunications. Trusted by leading organizations like BHP and Rio Tinto, Mahmood’s expertise in drone technology helps reduce operational costs and improve safety through applications like surveying, inspections, and 3D scanning, driving growth and innovation in various industries.

Peter Kasprzak, Chairman, Innovate Australia

Peter Kasprzak is the co-founder and Chairman of Innovate Australia, and co-founder of Hydrogen Society of Australia. Peter has introduced significant concepts such as Australia’s first Electric Highway, the first hydrogen Highway and the Zero Emission Highway. He also served as Executive Director of EV Charge Pty Ltd, pioneering electric vehicle charging stations in Australia. He was the head of WA based bid for Sustainable Electric Transport Cooperative Research Centre (SET CRC). Peter is committed to realistic solutions and believes in looking beyond the hype, continually reviewing and revising projects, and avoiding doubling down when data suggests otherwise.

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Stephen Carroll.